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How to Select Moderators and Staff Members on an Established Online Community: “We’re getting toward the end of of the latest round of new staff members on an established online community that I have run for over 10 years. Many communities, mine included, feature a staff of volunteers, who complement the person or team that is primarily responsible for the community. Volunteer staff members have low requirements placed upon them and they join the team for differing reasons.”

How to Stop Caring About Trolls and Get On With Your Life: “You see them everywhere you go on the internet: anonymous users with nothing to say but rude, off-topic, or annoying comments aimed at making you angry. The only cure is to just stop caring, and while that’s easier said than done, these tips should help you overcome their spell.”

The Story of Expanded Awareness: “There’s a vase full of roses on our dining table. Each week it’s a different color or a new variety. The first time I had the roses there, as soon as they turned slightly droopy I threw them out. Why not, right? I mean they weren’t doing anyone any good, looking so old. One day, instead of throwing them out, I trimmed them a little bit and put them in a smaller vase. They perked right up and thrived for quite a while before it was time to throw them out. I noticed something… as they aged, something else happened.”

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