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Communities Need Systems: “A week or so ago I received a newsletter with the subject ‘Losers have goals… winners have systems.’ I have been doing a lot of work to systemitize the day-to-day activities I do with communities. I think communities that are able to leverage systems are successful.”

Using Your Online Community After an Event: “I have received a few calls from organizations recently that asked about setting up an online community around an event. These organizations would like their community to only be tied to that specific event. The problem with this is if you get all your attendees to use an event community, but it is only focused around a specific event, at some point you have to pull the plug on that community and start from scratch for next years event. To me, this just does not make sense.”

Why Curiosity Is the Way to a Better Life: “We live out our years in perpetual debt, hoping that we don’t get fired. We sit on our butts, we get fat, we get unhealthy, and then we die of some stupid disease that we could have prevented. Screw. That. We need to start challenging ourselves to be different. Without challenge, we don’t grow. You want your life to be better? Start getting curious about the world around you.”

300 Reasons to Be Happy: “It’s my firm belief that even when it seems like everything’s going wrong in your life, there is always, always, ALWAYS something that’s going right. You owe it to yourself to find out what that is and bring it into your awareness.”

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Community Building Isn’t About Influencers: “It’s about engaging with the people who love your stuff and support your business, regardless of how many Twitter followers or Facebook friends or RSS subscribers they have. Everyone has some measure of influence over someone else and, together, your community will always have greater influencer than the influencers.”

One Simple Little Button that Will Get You More Pageviews? Heck Yes!: “Yesterday I was wasting time online (as I am wont to do, despite my best efforts) and happened to find myself reading this blog post. I say that I was reading the post, but I actually I didn’t even get through the second paragraph. Something in the sidebar caught my eye and nearly made me pee my pants from excitement.”

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