Found on the internet 8/5

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sacrificing Members: “You have to give something up to get something better. Communities need to embrace this law. They need to sacrifice the majority of potential members and focus on a narrowly defined audience with a unique and strong common interest.”

Community Members Don’t Need to Be Reminded That It’s Their Birthday: “Home Brew Talk is a great online community for those who enjoy brewing their own beer. Unfortunately they’re wasting time when they wish their members a happy birthday. Here’s the email they send…”

6 Ways to Make Marketing Content Snackable: “Odds are, there are three instantaneous factors that determine whether or not someone chooses to read your blog post. Those three things are (probably in this order): the title, supporting image, and introductory paragraph. If you haven’t earned their readership by that point, it’s probably in your best interest as well as theirs that they stop reading; you understand – you’re busy too!


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