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5 Social Approaches Misleadingly Called Communities: “There are three elements to a community. 1) A specific group of people who have 2) developed relationships with each other through a 3) strong common interest. Specific people + strong common interest + relationships, that’s it. So lets highlight 5 activities which aren’t communities. “


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Channels of Growth: “This weekend, one community manager explained that search engines accounted for nearly all growth to a community. It outweighed direct visits, any visible referral activity, links from any site and exceeded all social media traffic. SEO, he declared, was the best way to grow a community. The problem with that statement is he wasn’t doing anything else to drive growth. His plan for growth was to wait for members to search for a word and hope they became active community members.”

A Eulogy for Google Plus: “Yes, the die hard hipsters on the internet might flock to G+ to be the first kids on the block embracing the new network, and might even have their own little Google Plus cliques, but most of those who have gone there have found it to be an empty room.”

10 Twitter Tools Used by Social Media Experts: “With so many Twitter tools out there, it’s hard to know which ones to trust with your Twitter account management. So why not take a look at what the social media and industry experts are using!”

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Sacrificing Members: “You have to give something up to get something better. Communities need to embrace this law. They need to sacrifice the majority of potential members and focus on a narrowly defined audience with a unique and strong common interest.”

Community Members Don’t Need to Be Reminded That It’s Their Birthday: “Home Brew Talk is a great online community for those who enjoy brewing their own beer. Unfortunately they’re wasting time when they wish their members a happy birthday. Here’s the email they send…”

6 Ways to Make Marketing Content Snackable: “Odds are, there are three instantaneous factors that determine whether or not someone chooses to read your blog post. Those three things are (probably in this order): the title, supporting image, and introductory paragraph. If you haven’t earned their readership by that point, it’s probably in your best interest as well as theirs that they stop reading; you understand – you’re busy too!

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