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Master Engagement Before Growth: “The temptation for communities with low levels of activity is to grow. This is usually a mistake. If you can’t engage the members you have, why assume you can engage the members you don’t have? Right now, one of three things is happening: (1) Your community concept is wrong (2) You’re attracting the wrong sort of members (3) Your tactics to convert newcomers into regulars is flawed.”

Etiquette Across Social Networks: “Etiquette across social networks, like social networking itself, is not much different online than it is off. Good common sense can take you far. However, there are some basics everyone should know (LIKE KEEP THE CAPS LOCK OFF).”

How Is Your Perfectionism Feeding You?: “Are you grappling with perfectionism? Rather than addressing the symptoms of perfectionism, let’s talk about one of its roots. Take a second to think about the story you tell yourself about being a perfectionist and pouring excess effort into completing something.”

5 Tips for Building a Community Management Strategy


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