Found on the internet 6/17

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

A Lesson in Community Building from Myspace: “Remember when you joined Myspace and the first person you found on your list of friends was Tom?”

10 Reasons Online Communities Are Like Kittehs

Building Online Community Through Email Noodges: “Email is the annoying little brother of online communities: pesky, poking, insistent. Yet email is the most effective way to noodge people to participate. I realize this seems counter-intuitive. Email? That’s so 1995. But online communities are just one of millions of destinations competing for your community members’ attention. Your members need regular reminders to visit. Emails are the best reminders.”

Every Community Needs Show-Offs: “Everyone hates a show-off. At least, that’s what everyone says. But show-offs are essential to most online communities.”

How Easy Is Being Creative?

The Power of Testimonials in Online Communities: “Testimonials are a great sales pitch for your online community. If visitors see genuine testimonials from real members telling them just how great the community is (and why), they’ll be more inclined to join. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive unsolicited testimonials. Make sure you reply (always keep the spotlight on the member, not yourself), keep hold of them and use them in the following places.”


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