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Why You Should Find It Impossible To Launch A Community Ghost Town: “If you follow a sensible community development process, it should be impossible to launch a community platform that no-one joins.”

Why Your Request for Help Isn’t Going Viral: “We can’t ensure a message with take off like wildfire, go viral, with certainty. It’s a combination of timing, connection, resonance, and a perfect match to the audience. However, we can understand why our message is NOT going to get viral if it has one of these three characteristics to it.”

True Community Must Be Earned: “So many online communities are built with the intention of getting people to “buy” something, or for bragging rights on how many “friends” or “followers” were accumulated as part of a campaign. Yes, this is often important for the bottom line, but you have to put something in if you want it to last or actually become to mean something to people. You get back what you put in.”

Do You Have to Respond to Every Blog Comment?: “Over the last six months, I have seen my average number of comments per post double. Think about it: if you get fifty-plus comments per post, can you really reply to all of them. I doubt it—at least not consistently. The good news is that you don’t have to. I don’t, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.”


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Appreciation Is One of the Most Powerful Builders of Community: “Have you ever thought that, when you thank someone, you are building community? Well, you are.”

Killer of Creative Ideas: “What do you think the number one killer of creative ideas is? Why do some ideas flourish while others – mostly – don’t grow at all? It’s not because you don’t have the right tools. Sometimes you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got, or alter your perception of other tools to get what you need.”

Curate and Increase Your Community’s Expertise: “People join communities to learn. Your members are thirsty for knowledge – especially about your community’s topic. Your community must provide that knowledge. You must raise the level of expertise your community has in that topic.”

Where Are the Calls to Action in Your Online Community?: “When a new member arrives at your community, what do they see? In a forum environment, then’ll typically see a list of categories. When they click on a category, they’ll see a list of topics. When they click on a topic, they’ll see a discussion. When they’ve read the discussion that interests them, they’ll leave – unless they decide that joining would be beneficial to them.”

Can Google’s Plus One Take on the Facebook Like?: “It’s pretty clear that Google wants to become a whole lot more social and in order to get there, they’re going to take a page directly out of Facebook’s playbook. The only unanswered question is whether or not publishers will begin placing the Google +1 button within their own sites.”

4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools and How to Use Them

Don’t Be a Fool: “There’s a day (actually, two) reserved for swapping out the batteries in your smoke detector. Perhaps today could be a day for backing up all the data you care about. All your music, say, or your passwords or your files. If you care about it, back it up.”


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