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March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

How to Get Your Members to Invite Their Friends: “Asking members to tell their friends about the community never works. Members might tell their friends, but not because you asked them to. So stop asking them. It’s vague, feels forced and doesn’t benefit the referring members. The secret to referrals is to ensure that each referral benefits the member.”

Auto Forum Poster: Siphon Millions of Users to Your Forum from Google Today! (Get Ready to Cringe and Laugh): “Forums are great. Forums can develop into great communities. They can generate a lot of traffic from search engines. Traffic can equal money. This is not a secret. What this means, though, is that people will try to take advantage of forums in order to generate poor quality websites that they hope will rank well in search engines, which will lead to traffic and, yes, money. And so, we have Auto Forum Poster.”

Celebrate The Milestones With Your Users: “Milestones are only possible because of the users in your community so celebrate and let them take some ownership for that success. It may be the 1000th user, 500th new thread, 1 millionth piece of user-generated content contributed or the fact the community has been running for 5 years. Realistically it doesn’t matter what the milestone is but something relevant to the audience certainly helps.

Accidental Online Community Managers: “I recently asked a Community Manager for an interview. Their reply went along the lines of, “You’ve got the wrong person.” They didn’t believe they were a Community Manager. But I think I’ve convinced them. I interviewed CorrieTV to find out more about their online community and how they became a Community Manager… by accident.”

Training Your Brain for Creativity: “When you sit around watching TV all day or reading books or staring out the window you are only training your brain to be passive, to go with the flow of things, to not create. But when you actively pursue creative activities you are training your brain to think… to really think.”

The Argument Against Multitasking

17 Ways to Grow Your Blog From Top Bloggers

Do You Need a Social Media Detox?


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