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How to Craft a Mission Statement for Your Online Community: “Don’t go for some overblown and pompous statement suggesting the plan is to take over the world. Stay local to your community, use words that are relevant to them and that suggest their needs are going to be met, or you risk confusing or alienating them.”

Community Management Should Mean Community Engagement: Value, Validate, and Respect: “People have a seemingly unlimited number of resources to draw from. Why should they be committed to your community? What are they getting from it? Show value daily or weekly with groups, links, tips, discussions, questions answered, etc. Are you bringing your best? If you are, it’s more likely the community members will be bringing their best ideas and involvement too.”

7 Things I’ve Learnt as a Community Manager: “For the last three years I’ve had the privilege of being part of online communities in the role of community manager. At first, this role resembled that of a traditional forum moderator but as the web became more social, a new set of skills was required.”

6 Ways to Bait People Into Doing Stuff: “There are a lot of ways to bait people into doing what you want them to do. You can call it being manipulative but I prefer to call it marketing. How do you get people to do your bidding for you? What strategies work for you?”

3 Reasons You Still Need Forums: “There are so many options for engaging with your friends, fans, customers. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, photo-sharing sites, chat, and direct email are all shiny objects competing for our time and attention. And somehow in all the social media swirl, forums seem to get the short end of the stick.”

Why Great Customer Service Is All About Enjoying Other People’s Vacation Photos

22 Hot New Social Media Tools Worth Exploring


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6 Reasons to Craft a Strong Mission Statement for Your Online Community: ” Imagine someone cruising past your website. Would they know what your community is about by glancing at it? If not, you need to provide your new visitors with an idea of the purpose of your social proposition.”

How to Create Your Own Social Networking Community “With all of the existing communities out there, what’s the benefit of creating your own? What does it take to create a successful, thriving community to which members are happy to come back regularly?”

Uprisings and Communities: “High speed, sudden impact. Huge followings within weeks. Just do something unusual or something that sparks a strong emotional reaction. But the impact doesn’t last. Once the issue fades, the audience dissipates. That amazing sense of community people in Egypt feel today, will be gone in a few weeks. They came out in force because against an issue, not for each other. The difference is huge. Don’t ever mistake uprisings for communities. It’s almost the opposite. Communities are brought together by interests, not issues. Communities will never get the headlines that uprisings do, but they’ll still be around in 5 years time.”

Great… Now I Need Klout!!!: “Klout is some rating used by Hoot Suite that measures… well I don’t know what it measures. I presume it measures your standing and your “clout” on Twitter? It’s kind of the credit-rating score of social media. In any case, all-wise Hoot Suite has determined my Klout number. Immediately I had to see everyone else’s Klout number.”

Klout as a Tool for Community Managers: Why I Don’t Buy It: “There’s no denying that Klout score is intimately linked to Twitter use — after all, it’s tied to your Twitter account, isn’t it? What else, besides Twitter, does Klout even measure? Not blogging. Basically, Klout score is a Twitter score that rewards prolific Twitter users.”

Is Online Privacy… Dead?: “Has social media nullified the principles of online privacy, and by extension security? Do you agree with our theory that privacy and security, when it comes to social networks, have gone the way of the Dodo bird?”

How Reddit Became Reddit – The Biggest Smallest Community Online: “I’ve yet to encounter a site as large as reddit that has comparable strenght of community. This is the question I’m asked the most and yet have the worst answer to: “What did you do to build such a strong community on reddit?” My crappy answer is simple, at least: we gave a damn.

It’s Time for Community Forums to Grow Up

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